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Tower Top.


-Ichi go, ichi e-. (Yuriko).


Alone, standing in the wet pillar with his wings spread, he looked down into the crowd: dull faces, each of them with a purposeful look engraved in their eyes. A Meaning Of Life pouring down their cheeks and spilling into the asphalt they were treading on with a soundless splash. No doubts, no pain, just directions working by themselves, like small people reining them in by pulling on the sulci of their brains, keeping their stupid-horse walk steady and not letting them crash with the feared Obstacles of Evil: the Truth, the Doubt or the Dangerous Thoughts.

They were just going from A to B, from B to C, performing task number 1, or maybe now it was already task number 6… it didn´t matter at all: they had something to do, regardless of what it was. A reason to be. A place in this world.

Once, he was like them. He thought he could fit, he thought he would feel the same fullness or hope about the future that they were feeling now. He though he would have perspective, and that he would be able to speak up sentences beginning with that comforting “One day, I´ll…”.

But not anymore. Not now, knowing he was alone and that was it. Knowing we all die alone, but then there´s some of us that live alone as well. Knowing that you weren´t waiting for him. Knowing that all the options were none.

He stood there, envying them for a while, admiring that stillness in motion.

Then, folding his wings, he jumped.

If anyone would have looked up before he hit the ground, they would have seen a smiling human bullet.


“… And now I´m climbing to the tower top

And clearly differ what is right from wrong.

And now I´m seeing what the future brings…

And now I´m seeing what I´ve been searching for…

Right now my job I know:

Salvation through these bullets.

Right now my job I know…”.