I Wanna Do Bad Things With You.

Madrid, 2007.

-Don´t give me no shit ´cos… I´ve been tired!-.

(The Pixies, Tired).


She opens her legs, and you feel like the whole sky is opening.

You came to the bar fleeing her, The Other One, seeking a bit of peace in the only place you knew you could find it: the middle of this havoc called No Name Bar.

The first step in, and you felt security, pure, true safety crawling up your spine. The second step, a couple of handshakes with the usual suspects, and you started to relax. By the time you reached the bar, you already owned the place. You kissed the barmaid, got a brew without even ordering (no wonder about paying) it, and you just lay back, enjoying the music and how it helped to put some sense into all this nonsense happening around you. “No need for words now”: you´re finally watching your favourite Life´s TV live program.

So then, when the door opens  and She comes in, you know you´re in trouble. You feel a rumble, as the ground shakes with each of her steps towards you. She grabs your hand, smiles while nailing you to the wall with her perfect big, brown eyes, and speaks in a voice that sounds like petroleum poured over velvet:


It is just a sound, but it seems the one of a tombstone being dragged over your past life. You just can´t believe how lucky you are, as the pain, the misery and the weariness of everything that came before those legs walked in that bar fades away. Hell could froze over, the city could be bombed to ashes, but nothing would stop you for doing whatever she wants you to do.

And you know that you will pull down the zipper of her dress, and the curtain will fall down for your own private act. She will take off her clothes, and it will feel like a new dawn. And yes: she will spread her legs, and you will think the whole sky is opening for you.


1 Response to “I Wanna Do Bad Things With You.”

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