A Killing Compliment.

Riga (Latvia), April 2008.

-I´m a lackey to Fate, but no slave to the Law-.
(Tattooed on Nikolai´s skin, on Eastern Promises. David Cronenberg, 2007).


“I´m sorry, I´m sorry, I´m sorryI´msorryI´msosorryI´msorry…”.

The words came out from her mouth like an unending mantra, in such a flow and with such speed that he found himself wondering about the breathing technique she might be using to keep uttering them.

He stood up, trying to think of a way to get themselves out of the really bad mess they were into: a corpse on the bed, a corpse on the toilet, blood everywhere and the two of them in the middle of that hotel room, mentally blocked and starting to panic.

He recalled the last few moments when everything seemed to be going smoothly: he entered the room to deliver the goods, she smiled to him, he ignored her… and then the shots came and everything turned into a blur. When he finally pulled himself together, he was lying on the floor, both the guys were dead as a doornail and the girl was kneeling on the rugged floor, muttering nonsense and blankly staring at the crawling pool of blood that was slowly approaching her.

“Shut the fuck up!”, he snapped, and she went silent as if he had smacked her on the cheek. The blood now started to surround her knees, like the tide rising and embracing a cliff, but she made no move that would show she was noticing it.

He took her by the hand, lifting her almost unexisting weight, and led her through the sliding door and into the balcony: outside, the whole city was standing at their feet, divided by the river like the scar he wore divided his left eye in two. Drops of blood from the girl´s knees marked their trail on the floor.

He put the gun on her right hand. Funny, he thought, how badly his own hands were shaking, and how calm and still her hand was. He closed her left hand around the pistol grip, too, and let go the whole knot he had made.

“Now, I want you to point it at my head, and pull the trigger”.


“I can live a life on the run, but I´m sure you can´t: at some point I will loose you, either because of them or because of yourself. And the result will be this one, too”.

“So? Why now?”.

“Because I´d rather have my head blown off right now by the beautiful animal you are, than live a couple of months more just to have my brains scattered by the mean bastard I am. Seems fair to me, after the life I´ve lived”.

She started to cry, silently and without looking away. Not a single sob, just slow tears rolling down her perfect cheeks and halfway into the corners of her mouth. “Tough girl”, he thought.

“But… why me?”, she asked, calmly.

“Because you´ve already done this”.

“Wha… when?”.

“The moment I entered the room”.

She looked him in the eye, her pupils narrowing. Then, her lips barely parted in what looked like a smile, as she lifted the gun and slowly pulled the trigger.


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