Rock Out!

Alvaro, from The Right Ons, rockin´ out the Joy Eslava theatre. Madrid, 24th April, 2008.

-¡Rocanrol, joder!-.
(TANTA gente…).


Most of the time, rock´n´ roll is not about your looks, your drinks, your fights, the amount of sex you get or the drugs you do. Sometimes, it is not even about the music you play. Or at least, not about all those things by themselves, separately.

Rock´n´roll is an attitude. An attitude I saw last friday, on the Right Ons concert. An attitude I saw, too, at the Eagles of Death Metal show, past 25th of March, and that can be seen glittering in the eyes of some people that is far from sporting leather jackets and rocker hairstyles: you would find them playing punk-rock, funky-like vibes, a strange type of disco, ska, sometimes even pop, or any kind of music, and they would still be rocking out as no one of your hardened-by-the-road idols would ever do.

Is that a kind of attitude that has nothing to do with how many records you sell, or how mainstream or independent you are. An attitude that includes not giving a shit about what comes next, what came before, or who´s listening to the stuff you do: that´s something you can tell by the looks on many true rockers´ faces.

An attitude that has to do with a different view of what nights are for, what music´s for and, moreover, what life´s for.

And that attitude, unfortunately, is becoming extinct.

Long Live Rock´n´Roll!



1 Response to “Rock Out!”

  1. 1 Ba
    28 abril 2009 en 15:17

    It’s just a way to stay aliiiiiiive, boooy… (Turbonegro dixit)


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