Moskovskaya line on it´s way to Minsk. Sept. 2008.

-La puerta se abrirá cuando haya un viento que la empuje-.

(Fierezna 2.0).

The glasses fit to her skull perfectly, in spite of all the years that had passed since she had stop wearing them.

She just wanted to see how she saw the world when she was a kid, but found that, now, that world was just a blurry mess.

After the surgery, she saw everything clearer. Sharper. Much more defined and into focus, with every corner, every edge as delimited as ever. The world completely at hand reach, without eye-tricks, without hidden details, mixed colours or undefined contours.

Yes. Now, she could see everything that was there to be seen.

Finally, after a few minutes looking at the sky through the windshield, she turned on the radio, hit the gas to the bottom and sped back into the crowded highway with her old glasses still on and a wide smile on her face.

Ah, she was SO happy of seeing again…


1 Response to “Clearview.”

  1. 1 Ba
    31 marzo 2009 en 1:37

    Mira que citar esa frase… tengo otras mejores, por supuesto


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